El Escorial (8-12-2014)

It was very chilly this morning, but this has not prevented me from visiting the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, I think maybe this cold environment gives a more interesting twist yet.

The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a complex with a royal palace, a basilica, a cemetery, a library and a monastery.

It is located in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid, Spain, and was built between 1563 and 1584. As you can imagine the complex is in perfect condition and is must for all lovers of history and art of Spain.

Manzanares el Real (9-11-2014)

Very close to Madrid, we find the beautiful town of Manzanares el Real, my chosen place to spend a nice, crisp autumn day.

My visit began in Mendoza Castle, a fortified palace of the fifteenth century, where I was pleased to see how well preserved and learn more about its history.

This castle is an important example of Spanish military architecture of the fifteenth century and one of the last of Spain.

Resting in Belo Horizonte (12-10-2014)


After a few years without visiting this beautiful city I had the pleasure of spending a few days there, enjoying their delicious food, beauty and the warmth of its people.

Unfortunately, I could not visit all that I would have liked, but it was very exciting for me to revisit places and important people in my story.

Belo Horizonte has stunning views, a beautiful skyline, and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil.


Holidays in Costa del Sol II (29-8-2014)

Unfortunately all good things must end ..... my holidays in the Costa del Sol are over, but it was a wonderful stay.

I really enjoyed this piece of paradise in my beloved Andalusia.

They were long sunny days, beach and pool. Snack and pescaito, chaise and soda, you can not ask for more.

Costa del Sol, see you next summer.

Holidays in Costa del Sol I (23-8-2014)

The Costa del Sol is a beautiful region of southern Spain in the province of Malaga. Famous for its beaches, golf courses, fine dining, clubs and especially for having a famous port for boats and yachts for the celebrities who spend summer holidays there.

It's my favorite place for summer holidays in Europa.

La Costa del Sol offers a wide variety of activities; its towns are lovely and the summer clima allows very long and pleasant summer.

Discovering Cuenca (26-7-2014)


Small but beautiful village surrounded by mountains and history.

Cuenca retains an important historical and architectural heritage, which stretches across the ancient city, although focused on buildings like the Cathedral or the Hanging Houses, which have become the symbol of the city. It is also characterized by a number of museums (over 10) in the confined space of the old city. These include the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art, the Science Museum of Castilla-La Mancha and the Museum of Cuenca.

Among the main cultural events include Easter and the Religious Music Week.


Lost in Toledo (13-7-2014)


Today I decided to visit Toledo, wonderful city, full of history filled places of a glorious past.

I have lost in its old alleys, where once dwelt Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Former Spanish capital, known as imperial city still keeps an air of glory that has not succumbed to the pass of time.


Sunday in Chinchón (6-7-2014)


Chinchon is a small village a few kilometers from Madrid where I was today.

It is of interest mainly for the famous drink of the same name.

There is a very charming old square, where many bars and restaurants to have a good time, very beautiful churches, a former Augustinian convent converted into a hotel and a cozy atmosphere.

I ask you to leave the big cities and know places as beautiful as Chinchon.


Summer (24-6-2014)


Long days, party nights, bronzed bodies, beach, bars .... has finally come summer.

Summer is synonymous with vacation and relax, travel and enjoy a beach day in good company.

I took advantage of the arrival of summer to start my relaxation plan, this time in a lovely, quiet, getting ready for my deserved vacation.


Arrivederci Roma (8-6-2014)


The bad part of the travel is just that it get over.

I would like to extend my vacation in Rome.

I hope to return to this lovely city that I like soon.

I have visited many of the famous monuments and places not so well known but lovely, I enjoyed its food and made a sophisticated fashion route.

I took this short trip to visit Frascati and Castel Gandolfo, places that should be taken into account when you are in Rome, both are very nice and the last one has nice views to Lake Albano.

In Castel Gondolfo there is the summer residence of the Pope and it is very quiet and cozy.

I say goodbye to Rome walking down its more fashion street ,Via del Babuino.

Arrivederci Roma.


La Dolce Vita (29-05-2014)


I love walking the streets of Rome, the Eternal City.

Its monuments, squares, smell, people ... I like everything .There is an elegant decadence in this city that fascinates me.

Have a cappuccino on a terrace in Rome, is not the same that to have it in another place.

Visit this city can be compared to a history class outdoors, in every corner you look at you marvel with its ancient buildings, some are highly well conserved and remind us how impressive and important that was Rome.

I say goodbye, I'll enjoy my Dolce Vita ....


Italian Gardens: Villa Aldobrandini (24-05-2014)


Since long time ago I wanted to know the Villa Aldobrandini, also known as Belvedere , is an Italian villa located in the city of Frascati, Rome province, owned by the Aldobrandini family.

It was constructed by the Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini, nephew of Pope Clement VIII.

It was built in the mid-sixteenth century, and still retains all its splendor and beauty.

The villa is a Espetacle for the view works of art and nature together as in a painting, I could spend all day strolling through the gardens, full of terraces, groves and fountains.

It is undoubtedly the most beautiful of Frascati.

In the back there are countless fountains, sculptures and a forest.

All designed to fascinate anyone who looks at it.

Visiting Barcelona (18-04-2014)


I took advantage of a meeting I had to walk about this lovely town where I lived and enjoyed for a few years of my life.

The weather was very good all weekend, blue sky, sunny day, cool breeze ... meeting friends which I missed.

I did a little tour around the beach and some places I like.

I recommend at least two days to relax in Barcelona, here you can find a huge variety of leisure, culture and entertainment, but I'll stick with this sea that enchants all who visit this beautiful city.


Monumental Madrid (2-03-14)


Madrid is a city with a diverse cultural offerings.

It takes many days to see everything.

Today I decided to visit some of the monuments.

I started with the Royal Palace (official residence of His Majesty the King of Spain for state ceremonies), the famous and beautiful Jardines de Sabatini (Francesco Sabatini, located off the north facade of the Royal Palace of Madrid), Cathedral of St. Mary Real de la Almudena (dedicated to the patron saint of Madrid and consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993) and finally visited the Temple of Debod (edilico set in ancient Egypt, gave to Spain in 1968, has a 2200 years old) .

The sun was present all the time, which made it interesting to visit, and there are lots of trees full of flowers and good smells that remind us that spring is just around the corner.


Milan, Capital of Fashion (25-01-14)


It's called Capital of Fashion to those cities that have a great influence on it, because in them are the most important industries in the world of fashion.

Traditionally, capital of the fashion world are Milan, Paris , London and New York.

In addition to its economic power, " Capital of Fashion " has an active entertainment and culture, should attract tourists and consumers, not only for fashion but also for its variety of entertainment .

Milan is recognized worldwide as the capital of fashion and design, where great designers choose it , sell and display their collections.

It is a dynamic , stylish , cosmopolitan city which enjoys a sublime heritage .

There are shopping outlets where you can find luxury clothes from previous seasons with a much reduced price.

Here lies one of the best fashion schools in the world, the " Istituto Europeo di Design" . During spring and autumn is celebrated the famous " Fashion in Milan " where the new collections of large firms are presented .


Swiss Alps (3-01-14)


All European glamor is concentrated in the Swiss Alps in winter.

Sophistication and luxury with nature and sport is what find the traveler during the ski season in this region of the Helvetic country that shape almost to the 70% of its territory.

When the mountains stopped being an annoying obstacle for travelers or at most an object of quiet contemplation, the Swiss Alps became classics in a new way of traveling.

Traveling by train through a country perched on the Alps, where the landscape is a continuous delight and the diversity is the norm, it is a pleasure in itself.


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