OVER THERE (10-01-2017)


I have always liked the low temperatures.
This cold we have right now encourages me to go out to see things and make small trips, although the days are not very long you can enjoy the fall and winter.
I chose as the first destination the charming town of Lerma, with its churches and its ducal palace and as it is so close to Burgos I took advantage to know its historic center and its cathedral. The ideal is to spend about two days to see all the sites of interest.
The second visit was to the Retiro Park in a day with few people to be more relaxed, walking is an exercise that I like a lot because it relaxes me while I disconnect from things without importance.
The Retiro Park is very well kept and you can spend all day in it without getting bored, as there is a great variety of activities.

SAN IDELFONSO (18-09-2016)


Cute the last weekend of summer, a very pleasant temperature, ideal for a walk outdoors ...
La Granja de San Idelfonso is an option if you're near Segovia, just a few kilometers can enjoy this beautiful eighteenth century palace, with its spectacular gardens that rival the majesty of its architecture, which does not leave anyone indifferent. ..the day was perfect, especially with the backdrop ...




I was anxious waiting for the holidays, not only by the desire to disconnect but by the desire I had to return to Andalusia, this beautiful and captivating region of southern Spain.
This summer we chose the province of Cadiz, where we are always very welcome.
Summering there is great .... beautiful beaches, delicious food, friendly people, postcard scenery ...
We take each day of our vacation visiting places that fascinate us, from Gibraltar with its beautiful views of Africa to the luxury of Sotogrande, through small fishing villages ... Cadiz always find a reason to leave, and if we just relax, I recommend doing watching a beautiful sunset ...


ÁVILA (10-11-2015)

A beautiful autumn Sunday with ideal temperature for a getaway to Avila, city of Santa Teresa.
Lots to see, churches, convents, museums and a pretty cathedral.
Although Santa Teresa was born into a wealthy family, she wanted to live very austere, and dedicate her live to God and charity.
She was very ahead of her time and she is an example of faith and perseverance for all.
Her light and goodness guide us forever.
Santa Teresa alive.

COCA CASTLE (12-10-2015)

Taking advantage that I  wanted to visit more castles near Madrid I was visiting Coca Castle near Segovia.
In 1453, Don Alonso de Fonseca, Archbishop of Seville, received permission from King Juan II of Castile, for the construction of this castle.
In 1473 it took place its execution by the master mason Ali Caro, at the request of the third Lord of Coca Don Alonso de Fonseca, nephew of Archbishop.

Thus beginning the same building of the central body of the fortification of quadrangular plant and Moorish-style courtyard, flanked by the Keep.
From the Fonseca the castle passed to the House of Alba, and in 1928 the Department of Fine Arts was declared a National Historic Landmark, also part of the Spanish art treasures.
In 1954 it moved to the Ministry of Agriculture, provided by the owners, to be installed in that place a Forestry Training School which is still operating today, being much in demand by students from all over Spain.


When we think in Tuscany, it comes to mind many images of beautiful landscapes.
There is a special light that is hard to forget, the sun's rays that penetrate between the trees creating a quiet and look forward to return again and again.
It is my first summer in Tuscany and I affirm that the heat and high temperatures are not able to diminish the beauty and glamor of this beautiful place.

Tuscany can be defined as one of the most beautiful postcards of Italy.


Nice to return after a few years to this wonderful hotel, lost in the Chianti vineyards.
The Hotel Villa Campomaggio is highly recommended if you are in Tuscany.
Its location, environment, food, spa and a tasting of the best wines of Chianti will make your stay a dream.
I was like at home these days, between pampering and attention worthy of a queen ...
And they said good bye with a bottle of Chianti with its own brand.
Can you ask for more?

CORNERS OF CADIZ (31-05-2015)

Cadiz and its coastline are truly a wonderful place to get away to relax.
We find beautiful beaches with all the comfort which we need when we go on vacation.
The light cast by the Cadiz coast is incredible, and sometimes you can see Africa in the other side.
This time I lost some of its magic spots.
I visited Jerez de la Frontera, Conil and spent several hours lying on a lounger in front of the beach in Novo Sancti Petri.
And if you really want enjoy, get lost for its small and charming villages.

Mini-vacation in Extremadura (19-05-2015)

Taking advantage of the good weather of these days to make a trip to Extremadura where I was visiting very beautiful and of cultural interest places.

The first stop was at the Monastery of Yuste. I've always wanted to visit this place where Carlos V was retired.

Then I went to visit Plasencia, Cáceres and Alcántara Bridge.

I ended up with a nice walk through the Valle del Jerte. I hope to return next year to see the valley with its beautiful cherry blossoms.

Amazing Toledo (15-03-2015)

There are places you always want to go back ... Toledo is one of them.

Every time I visit Toledo surprises me, I discover something new, it seems that never fully discover. There are many undiscovered corners, and I fortunately reasons to return to this beautiful city.

White Sunday (8-02-2015)

White forests, cold days, the smell of woodsmoke, hot chocolate ... all this reminds us that we are one of the most beautiful seasons.

Winter does not have to be boring, there's so much that can be done taking advantage of low temperatures.

Whether you are an sportsman or not, you can always enjoy a wonderful white landscape.

Portugal I (11-01-2015)

Taking advantage of the year-end holidays to make a small tour of Portugal, this small and beautiful country. Portugal is an enchanting destination, has beauty, good food, fine wines and a very interesting story, full of conquests and victories ...

I wanted to make a route of his Templar castles and the truth is that they are in very good condition.

For admirers of Gualdim Pais is highly recommended to visit the Castle of Tomar, is simply spectacular.

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