Blue (14-6-2014)


Blue sky, turquoise, klein, oil ..... all I love.

Have you light or dark skin tone you will find one that suits you.

It goes well with light colors and also some strong colors like red and orange, if you are daring the last combination is for you.

For this look I chose blue klein, that suits me and is perfect for a sunny day and with these scenic background.


Il Esclusivo Mondo di Bagheera Boutique (17-05-2014)


Today I had the pleasure to meet the exclusive world of Bagheera Boutique.

Good taste and exclusivity are mixed in a space created to fill your eyes and remind the major fashion shows; on hangers and showcases we find the best Italian and international brands together in a very careful way, intended for a female audience of exquisite taste.

More than thirty years ago Bagheera Boutique opened its doors in Rome and since then does not let to surprise with the best in clothing, shoes and accessories.

Elegant and original, exclusive and modern design is what gives us every season.

Consolidated brands and new designers have a guaranteed place in Bagheera Boutique.

I fell in love with her shoes and handbag selection, I could not choose between so many models and colors, flat heels and I fell in love instantly because the offer was great.

If you're in Rome, be sure to go through Bagheera Boutique and purchase the latest trends.


The Universe of Carmen Steffens (4-05-2014)


The new collection of Carmen Steffens is a true rainbow; handbags and shoes in vivid and attractive colors.

From yellow to blue, to black and white, all models are a spectacle of beauty and good taste.

The boutique is located in the prestigious Serrano Street in Madrid, where large national and international firms are concentrated in the capital.

This is a very colorful room full of bags and shoes that make us think of spring, in travel.

I personally love their yellow tones, they are very happy and elegant.

The design is Brazilian, the firm is found throughout the Brazilian territory and in more than ten countries.

Carmen Steffens is synonymous with good taste and quality; if you come to Madrid be sure to visit boutique to get one of their precious models.

You can also buy comfortably in your online store.


Las Rozas Village (27-04-2014)


Very chic outlet shopping with great discounts on luxury brands like Burberry, Versace, Loewe, Carolina Herrera and more.

Shops are very nice, always decorated according to the season, the common areas are also perfect, and there is where to eat or just have a coffee or ice cream.

What I like about this mall is that there is not a large vertical building but many other houses where the shops are a kind villa with beautiful streets between them.

This style of shopping center is present in some European countries.

It is a very good way to go shopping while you have fun in a lovely environment.


Night of glamor with Gioricky Concept Store (8-04-2014)


On Friday 04 April was the launch of spring / summer 2014 of the famous boutique Gioricky Concept Store in Barcelona.

A night of glamor, beautiful people, great music, impeccable decor, the best of the most exclusive brands, all washed down with good champagne and very nice conversasion.

Among the guests were many people in the fashion world as bloggers, photographers, models; perfect and the hosts were very attentive to the guests at all times.

Worth include Gioricky Concept Store on Route luxury shops of Barcelona, where you can find clothes, accessories and shoes from the top designers of the moment and also have an exclusive brand specializing in leather garments with beautiful models and colors.

The shop is modern and fresh, full of light and color; hangers hung young and daring clothing for men and women of good taste.

Gioricky Concept Store, a new concept of fashion in Barcelona.


Spring in the Retiro Park (27-03-2014)


First weekend of spring.

Already the scent of cherry, almond and jasmine smells.

Sunny morning in Retiro Park, many people have come to enjoy these days so pretty and getting longer, I personally love the spring and all that it brings.

Birds, bees, flowers .... makes you want to go outside and sunbathe.

I spent a wonderful morning in the park, surrounded by pure nature.

Welcome spring.


Black&Golden (17-03-2014)


It is no secret that I love the black color.

Whether in winter or summer you will see me always with some black look.

The black brings elegance and sobriety, slim and very flattering, in this look I mixed with gold and I really loved.

The gold accessories always give a sophisticated look.

Pants and black sweater, and black sneakers with gold necklace and gold maxi.


Wade in (9-03-2014)


Long time ago I wanted to buy some sneakers with heel.

After many laps I decided on a black model with gold accents.

It was hard to choose because there are wonderful, a lot of different models with beautiful colors, but I could not buy them all.

I was surprised by how comfortable they are.

They are ideal for shopping, going to the cinema, walk around town, you can wear with pants, dresses or skirts for a modern look.

In short, I love my sneakers, and have been the focus of many eyes.


White Shirt (23-02-2014)


The white shirt does not have to be boring.

White never goes out of fashion, like black, you always will hit with white.

You can create very flattering looks, since it is combined with more intense colors or with colorful accessories.

I chose this cute white shirt, dark skinny jeans, a colorful slippers and a maxi necklace.

A casual, but elegant look, a white shirt is a key piece in the female basic wardrobe.


Sneakers for them (25-01-2014)


They also have their place in fashion, many designers have taken them into account this spring / summer season when creating the famous sneakers, their models will not leave anyone indifferent.

Very light, colorful, bold, with great quality materials and finishes, designed for the modern man, which is practical, but does not lose the glamor.

With Suit or jeans, for day or night, the sneakers are a safe bet.,

Men, dare.


Denim Forever (3-01-2014)


Congratulations addict to the denim!

The denim look is a must have for all gateways.

Its 140th anniversary was held in 2013 and still we fall in love with him as the first day, this fabric of American origin are spread throughout the world in a amazing way.

Designers have used them in the most diverse ways and combinations, from basic for the day to sophisticated for the night.

Pants, shirts, dresses, shorts, ... the truth is that this lovely fabric has all of us in love.


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