Necklaces to fall in love (15-12-2013)


They are synonymous of the latest trends, they are almost always extra large, with high quality crystals and colors which will make you fall in love, their design does not leave anyone indifferent, as there is a huge variety and colors ranging from the most discreet to the most striking .

They are pieces that more than a supplement, are surely the center of attention, any look will be greatly enhanced by these true masterpieces.

Blue is the New Black (1-12-2013)


This fall-winter is the king of the catwalk, it combines with its relative (black) and conveys elegance without control. This is the dark color, also known as blue or dark blue night looking to replace the black. However, will it be a change of color or a mixture of both? The designers have chosen to combine them, and as a result, appear refined and stylish outfits.

Ferragamo, along with others, has already been implemented on the catwalks. The colors seem to tell stories and in this case, the blue detailing the secrets of the season and his new ally, black.

Besides, being a neutral color can be combined with other neutral colors like black, white and beige, and if you want to highlight using bold colors like red, green and pink in a very elegant combination.


Glamour under the Rain (3-11-2013)


Autumn... leaves fall, cooler temperatures, and of course, rain.

All we think what wear these grey days, it seems impossible to look nice and warm at the same time, do not despair, there are precious garments and accessories designed to this season.

Wellies, raincoats and umbrellas are our allies in this fall, there are many models and colors, from more classic and discreet to bold and garish.

No excuses, it is possible to have glamor under the rain.


Slippers Style (28-09-2013)


Who has not wished more than once to get home to take off your heels and get his slippers? So comfortable them as warm, so nice ... Well, if you think that the be as homespun is the best thing that can happen to your feet, we have to congratulate you.

Celebrities don’t not hesitate to use them for their more casual outfits ...Paying attention to low pants, always cropped and rolled up.

With dress or pants, they give a touch of style to any look.

The aristocratic models made in velvet soft colors are made for the classic people, adapting to lady dresses or pants with pockets, while the more daring opt for slippers filled of studs and spikes, perfect to combine with jeans, leather skirts or shorts.


Long live to the Trench (14-09-2013)


Each era seems to have put his stamp on the coat, it has never lost its magnetism.

Those 'trench' that guarded the soldiers of rainfall in World War did not stay in the trenches.

The elegant and practical design became a fashion commandment.

It climbed to the gangway and jumped at street reinventing itself again and again.

It has been almost a century since the British Thomas Burberry designed the first 'trench coat', a garment turned into myth through Hollywood's golden muses and seductive gangster film.

Who can forget the kiss end of “Breakfast at Tiffany's”? Or the 'We'll always have Paris' of Casablanca?
Shorter, of colors, metallic fabrics, with overskirt or coat while maintaining their perfect shape and polished.

Always a 'must', the risk-free investment.

Because as the “Little Black Dress”, jeans, white shirt or the black 'blazer', will remain forever in the list of the essential.


Sneakers (7-09-2013)


A new trend is felt in the volatile fashion scene, the wedge sneakers.

The sneakers from always escape from the "gym" to bring as comfort to both casual and sophisticated looks, being elevated shy trend in the walkway and overwhelming trend in "street style".

A classic sneakers that are uploaded to the catwalks of major "fashion weeks" confirming what is already being felt in the "street style" avant-garde.

And contrary to what one might think, the "sneakers" not only outfits accompany "sporty chic", but in its most extreme "running trainers" accompany authentic "ladylike" proposals.

Perhaps due to the success in the ever rebellious Hollywood Kristen Stewart, who even dares to show off their "running trainers" on the red carpet, perhaps as a result of the rise of the trend "sporty chic" in gateway or fruit of sportsmanship lived for the recent olympics, the fact is that the footwear seen in "street style" during major "fashion weeks" was undoubtedly the "sneakers".

A shoe that occur far from sober to suit the "casual chic", dare to dye neon to focus all the attention accompanying the most varied outfits.


Fall Trends: Tartan (24-08-2013)


There are still a few weeks before the fall come but we already know what will be the star of the upcoming season trends.

Between them will highlight one above all of them: the classic plaid again this fall stronger than ever.

If you are the type who prefer pants to skirts during the cold months, nothing better than a pair with print type "plaid".

If they are also cigarette pants, still better. This garment will get to contribute to our look a touch something punk and casual and will delight to the most "fashionists".


Great Designers: Gianni Versace (17-08-2013)



Gianni Versace was born in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, where he grew up with his older brother Santo, his younger sister Donatella, her father, and her mother Francesca.

Gianni was the founder of the famous fashion company Versace.

The first store was opened in Milan's Via della Spiga in 1978, and its popularity was immediate.Today it is one of the major fashion houses worldwide.

Gianni began his apprenticeship at a young age, helping his mother to find precious stones and gold thread embroidery dresses.

He studied architecture before moving to Milan at the age of 25 to work in fashion design.

In the mid 70s, his productions caught the attention of brands Genny and Callaghan.

He was hired to design their collections and a few years later, encouraged by his success, he presented his first signature collection for women in the art museum, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan.

His first collection for men arrived in September of that year. After presenting his menswear collection he joined Jorge Saud, who would later become colleague of Giorgio Armani.

Hollywood celebrities and pop singers began to choose this brand to dress in big ceremonies and even at concerts and films.

Among his clients included Liz Taylor and Elton John. But unlike Armani is synonymous with sobriety and stylization, Gianni Versace aesthetic imposed a lush and very bold in color and material, almost gaudy and kitsch with fluorescent tones and gilded, baroque to “vampirizing” the aesthetic of past centuries.

The Medusa and the border of classical origin, became unmistakable hallmarks of Versace, and is associated with affluence, showing in the foreground of handbags, footwear, swimwear, jewelry ... in front of the discretion of the other Brands.


Celestial Fashion (10-08-2013)


The faith is not at odds with the fashion, indeed, it seems that their mix is more chic than all .

Some designers have taken in their summer and winter collections, male and female garments with religious prints, which are beautiful, I have also to say that handbags and jewelry are spectaculars.

Religious T-shirts with prints that we saw before, now accompanied by dresses, suits, pants, blouses, etc...

In my opinion this trend is beautiful, I see that the profane and the sacred are sometimes very fashion.

For this new collection, the prints with religious faces such as virgins and saints have become an interesting set. Fabrics relaxed, sheer and loose to help to convey that sense of spirituality that by themselves the prints already put on the canvas


Anna dello Russo (03-08-2013)


There are stylish women, elegant women and women like Anna dello Russo.

It is very easy to follow trends, especially if you practically make them up.

In the world of fashion, designers live together with the firms, fashion victims, the it girls and women who simply create the trends.

Anna Dello Ruso is one of them.

The director of Vogue Japan gives us a fashion and class lesson in each of his appearances maintaining her exquisite style.

Pioneer of the Fashion Bloggers, and a teacher to all of us.

As she calls herself on twitter, is a "passionate fashionist".

His style is characterized by boldness, avant-garde and eccentricity.

But, far from horrifying, the effect it is quite the opposite: what she touches turns to gold. O golden trend in this case.


Fine Jewellery (27-07-2013)


A small sample of a vast universe of metals and precious stones, created by some of the leading brazilian designers.They are spectacular pieces, full of color and taste.

What woman would not want to adorn her body with such an artwork?


Trikini (20-07-2013)


Trikini is a swimsuit that is the union of the parts a bikini through a narrow element, usually located in the front area.

This connection can be of the same fabric or combination of different materials .

The most controversial garment in the recent years it already returned in 2008 by the hand of famous designers such as Yves Saint Laurent.

With this three-piece bathing suit any woman can feel like Brigitte Bardot. Dark colors slim and clear colors make fat but one alternative is to opt for one whose light colors are in the top and contrasting with a darker shade at the bottom of the garment.


Flat Sandals (13-07-2013)


Perfects for both day and night looks, they help us to splurge style during summer, while we take a frenetic rhythm without that the tired feet or the swelling due to the heat playing tricks on us.

For the day, are perfect for adding a touch of color to the more formal office looks, and combine perfectly with shirt dresses or blouse and pants sets.

They are our great allies when holidays start and we want to go fresh and very comfortable both on the beach and around town with shorts and a t-shirt.

At night, forget the heels and bet for the flat sandals with a very chic metallic sheen shaped, beads or jewel details.

They will complete a elegant styling and at the same time allow you to enjoy a party under the stars without the fatigue and the heat of the day make suffer your feet.


Prints (6-07-2013)


We can say that the PRINT is a classic of the summer time.

This season the catwalks have put on all kinds of flowers, from tropical, romantic, like a feather, retro, or with lace overlays, different sizes and colors, depending on the style.

They announce the arrival of summer time.

Pants, shorts, bodies with the visible navel or asymmetric.

A variety of summer clothes ideal to match with smooth garments, with flat sandals or heels, handbags small and large, depending on the time of day.

For those who are somewhat plump, is better to avoid them, for the others enjoy.


Flounces Spring-Summer 2013 (29-06-2013)


The spring-summer 2013 fashion brings back ruffled garments, are the latest trend this season! In the international catwalks have seen them in shirts, blouses, skirts, and especially in summer dresses.

So you know, join this trend and follows the line of great designers.

In their designs we will see flounces on the sleeves of blouses and shirts, and flounces at the underside and the top of the dresses.

For white garments, choose to give it a more romantic look with these flounces, mixing with gauzy and transparent fabrics.


Caftan: comfortable and chic (22-06-2013)


The caftan is a precious garment, at first we used it only on the beach and after a day of sun, but gradually started going out at night with this piece so chic and comfortable.

Designers take every summer in countless collections of models, many of them designed for nightlife.

It is very common to see celebrities with this garment in your nights out.

We recommend using the shorter on the beach and others in other circumstances.

Look at my selection of models, all beautiful ....


Giovanna Battaglia (15-06-2013)


A young Italian brunette, fibrous body, round black eyes, nice smile and harmonious name: Giovanna Battaglia.
A evocative figure and an 
attitude  worthy of the campaignes  of her great friends Dolce & Gabbana completed with an amazing look, halfway between risk and untouchable gift of uniqueness.
From Sicilian father and
Calabrian mother, a Mediterranean DNA that guess without a word. Giovanna raised in the number 1 of the Milan via Montenapoleone, the epicenter of the best shopping in the capital of Lombardy.
Faced with these magnificent windows, a young Battaglia was discovering her passion for fashion, until he tried his luck as a model at sixteen.
Giovanna's story could not distill more Italian flavor: Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana were her mentors.
Model in his studio, christened "Musina" also trod the catwalk gracefully.
That was the best school, Battaglia recalled in an interview with Vogue Paris, but soon discovered that it was a bad model, "felt the need to comment on everything. So the steps to the styling was a logical consequence."
After a brief stint as a freelance stylist for
modest publications -a tour de force necessary to know the profession inside before taking the big leap, came the call from his inseparable Anna dello Russo.
And they began major publications: L'Uomo Vogue, Vogue partnerships for China, Vogue Germany, Vanity Fair etc.
A luxury
CV when blond hair crowned with more power in the Italian fashion called up: Franca Sozzani offered the post of fashion editor at Vogue Gioiello relaunch and Vogue Pelle. The rest, in editorials and in all streetstyle blogs.
Installed in NYC, a freelance stylist for Stefano Tonchi W, typical of the best parades, there is no better way to define Battaglia and her passion for fashion in his own words: "Fashion, to me, is a lifestyle."


Spring-Summer 2013 Bags (8-06-2013)


This season is so alive in style and personality, from pastels to metallics.

Floral prints will have prominence, details abound, including butterflies, flowers or patterns painted on dark base with single handle and removable shoulder strap.

In the clutchbags also will see animal prints such as crocodile or python.

There are many designers who bet on the PVC to make their handbags lines PV 2013.

It must find a practical and functional bag, made with a high degree of quality and design, a good bag saves a look because it attracts all eyes.


Spring-Summer 2013 Sandals (1-06-2013)

A breath of fresh air for the 2013 SS footwear season in a display of attractive trends.
They will show fringed sandals and oversize bracelets, deep gold and silver,
transparencies and metallic heels, yellow, geometric and animal print, super gladiators and especially lots of color.
There is an infinite offer,  from flat sandals until high heels, many models for all tastes .... how difficult is to choose some among many.

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