Male Skin Care (25-01-14)


The skin of men and women are different.

Mainly , there are three physiological factors that differentiate: the thickness , firmness and sebaceous secretion.

It is a type of skin oilier than women whose main problem is the glare.

As this is a different skin care should be taken with specific products.

Cosmetic habits to be followed by men to keep their skin care are:


• A good facial cleaning products for the face.

• Shave after a shower and clean your face with a product to prepare the face for shaving.

• Use after shaving treatment that brings freshness to the skin and calm.

• Use facial treatments : moisturizing , nourishing , anti -wrinkle , anti -aging , eyes contour , specific for oily, etc. .

• Use sunscreen products for before, during and after sun .

• Showering with specific products and use deodorant after showering .

• Use eye contour products to prevent dark circles and bags .


Beauty products for men are classified as facial cleaning , personal hygiene, shaving , anti -aging and sun products .

Some of the latest releases enable man to take care of your health while improving your image .


Hyaluronic Acid (3-01-14)


Its use in cosmetics has been known since 1996.

The most important feature of hyaluronic acid as dermal filler is its ability to retain fluid, that is, to attract water.

This holding capacity is thousands of times its weight.

When we get older the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, because the skin cells lose their capacity.

Furthermore, the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid decreases with age, so that it no longer retains the water as in the past.

This reduction of volume is the origin of the wrinkles.


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