Smooth with Keratin (15-12-2013)


This popular treatment comes from Brazil and soon become fashionable in USA.

This "miraculous" technique is able to nourish, reconstruct, smooth, and brighten all hair types. Curly hair gets transformed into elegant waves, the wave becomes smooth and dramatically shows the rebel manageable and radiant. Now in Spain, commonly called the "Brazilian smoothing" has innumerable followers unable to tame his hair, who have seen in a short period of time the aesthetics of your hair has completely changed.


Argan Oil (1-12-2013)


The Arganda Spinosa tree, which grows only in southwestern Morocco, is by its nature, a unique tree in the world.

Currently, many laboratories use Argan oil for hair care and nails and for the manufacture of soaps.

In fact, Argan Oil is perfect because it contains unsaponifiables for nail care and its vitamin E content, it is ideal to combat aging and dry skin.

In Morocco have turned the Argan oil as a basic component of their diet and as part of traditional medicine.


Nails of Autumn (3-11-2013)


The nail varnish is the new fashion accessory.

The ability of this item of beauty to transform any look has changed our consumer gestures, making early season renewal, at the same time, wardrobe and nail lacquer background.

It is essential to develop the definitive guide of colors and trends for next fall. From demure and discreet nude tones, to warm tile seventies influence, and deeper colors like midnight blue, cobalt green or amethyst.


Makeup of Autumn 2013 (28-09-2013)


Walkways are betting on more daring and risky looks this season.

Gothic trends, almost vampiric looks mingle with babydoll, very feminine or suggestive.

This season the key is your makeup around the eyes.

The return to the forties, fifties and sixties keeps skin flawless and stained lips.

Whether you're in favor of strong looks and resounding looks as if you prefer the new interpretations of the classic style of the sixties, this season, everything has to do with looks.

The black eyeliner is essential to create a cat eyes. Without fear, lady like look perfect also combined with powerful lips.

If we look for unmatched elegance, we dye them red or wine and always on a spotless complexion and bold brows, another of the key elements for seasonal makeup.


Face Peeling in autumn (14-09-2013)


After summer the skin is punished by excessive sun and sand, it is normal the appearance of small brown spots and freckles, it's time to retrieve the skin.

The autumn is ideal to get a peeling, the sunrays are weaker and there is little chance of damaging the skin.
The facial peeling is a cosmetic treatment that involves applying special chemicals on the skin to remove the top layers causing it to naturally regenerate new healthy skin, thus rejuvenating effect.

This method get the removal of stains, wrinkles, marks, restore damaged and dry skin, scars, sun spots and get a much smoother and firm skin tissue.
There are mild and aggressive peels, your esthetician will tell you the more suitable for you.

The aggressive peelings will be made always with a dermatologist, in autumn and winter.


Curly Hair (7-09-2013)


Curly hair tends to dry out and need a lot of care.

Unlike straight hair, curly hair is not in direct contact with the scalp and therefore has very little contact with the sebaceous glands and softening properties.

The cuticle is less smooth and more responsive to external aggressions.

For all these reasons, curly hair should be treated with the utmost softness especially when wet.

When your hair is wet, do not rub with a towel. Roll it in a towel and press it gently to withdraw moisture.

Use then spiked comb to detangle your curls long. And above all, avoid using brushes because they divide the strands of hair too.

As for your care, curly hair needs a lot of nutrition.

Choose shampoos and conditioners that contain natural fats such as “karité butter”, jojoba oil or macadamia, these ingredients protect the hair with a thin film to retain its shape.

You also use styling products that are specific to curly hair.

The finished products will give more strength and elasticity to your curls without drying too or leave a sticky appearance.



Body Moisture after Summer(24-08-2013)


The summer can take a toll on our skin.

The pool chlorine, too much sun and a wrong diet are causing that our skin loses its natural shine elasticity.

You can use soft body scrubs the first few weeks after the return holiday, to enhance the penetration of moisturizers creams.

It is essential to use body moisturizers after a short shower with warm water, insisting at the driest areas such as the feet and legs.

Cream with Argan oils are very welcome because they are very nutritious, give back softness to the skin and increase rapidly its hydration.


Summer Make-up (17-08-2013)



The arrival of the warmer months leads to high temperatures, humidity and tanned skin.

All these elements make to keep our make-up as we do during other seasons is very difficult, so the key to looking beautiful in summer is to adapt our make-up to this season.

The heat and moisture make that we sweat more in summer time, which results in an unattractive and shiny skin.

To control the glare and to get that the makeup will last longer, choose a liquid base for the summer that is lightweight, oil-free, it is also a shade darker than your skin.

The nude make-up is perfect for summer, as it helps to wear a face cleaner, natural and fresh. For this you can use shades in light and natural colors very similars to your skin, such as beige, coral, peach, pale pink, etc…

Also employs a waterproof eyelash mask so you can take a stroll along the beach, the pool or just withstand high temperatures without fear of get smudge damaging your look.

Lips are big players in the summer, and must rely on clear and nude glosses, even more intense shades like pink, orange or red, very popular during the warmer months.

Just try not to overdo the use of gloss or your mouth might look too greasy.



Hair Loss (10-08-2013)


It is known that every day grow new hair on our head while others also fall down daily.

It is considered normal daily loss of 50 to 100 hairs on average.

It is a cycle that is constantly renewed.

Like the person born, grows and dies, the hair follow a rule very similar: grow, rests and falls.

Simple as that. The problem comes when the life cycle of the hair is altered and it is especially well-known in the man.

La common baldness has two drugs rigorously tested that are effective: topical minoxidil and oral finasteride.

Others like aminexil, topical vasodilators, natural inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase, also help.

Also are effective the hair selftransplant and the application of the growth factors of the plasma.

It is necessary to study each case and according to the diagnosis provide a treatment to follow.


Californian Highlights (03-08-2013)



California highlights imitate the reflections of the sun in our hair, providing incredible light on the face.

In summer, all manes collected and project a lot of light, which is degraded as the year progresses, until get lost.

"Californian highlights add modernity even to the simpler cuts.Instantly provide great brightness to the hair without it looks artificial "said the expert.


Laser Hair Removal (27-07-2013)


The Laser hair removal, proceed as follows: the hair contains melanin, which is what gives it color. When the light beam with a specific wavelength and intensity, interacts with the hair, the applied light energy is absorbed by melanin turning into heat.

This is what is known as selective fototermolosis, resulting in the destruction of the hair bulb without affecting the surrounding tissues. As the laser only works on dark areas by melanin, it is not efficient for white or very light hair.

There are several types of lasers used for hair removal, depending on the wavelength of their emission, will perform better over a hair type than another one.

Laser hair removal is an excellent alternative for women and men interested in a reduction of body hair. It is a safe treatment with minimal side effects provides ideal long-term results for most people.


Flaccidity (20-07-2013)


A balanced diet is essential to fight against the flab.

Proteins are very good for toning the skin.

It recommends eating lean red meat, skinless chicken, eggs, dairy products and vegetables, soy, legumes such as lentils and chickpeas.

Daily exercise is very important to recover muscle tone in the body. The exercise routine should include work from all parts of the body. The yoga, the gym or develop a routine outdoors with a personal trainer are some of the options to recover some of the muscular tissue. Avoid too much sun because the skin loses collagen and promotes flaccidity.

They should try to keep the skin well hydrated to maintain a nice texture.

Follow any aesthetic treatment as Russian waves, radiofrequency, mesotherapy, ultrasonic cavitation among others.


Adipolipolisis (13-07-2013)


The Adipolipolisis is the last and the only technology which is the result of scientific and medical developments capable to eliminate body fat areas ultraresistant to any other treatment technology present today.

It is capable in a single treatment to reduce two to three sizes, achieving a harmonious figure without going through surgery and having a normal life together.

The adipolipolisis get the fragmentation of the fat structures, activating the blood system by acting accurate and directly over the corporal modeling.

The vacuum therapy is imposed as a more complete therapeutic when treating circulatory problems, moreover its quality of relieving and new collagen and elastin producer , as well as fragmentation of the fat.

The effect over the adipose tissue will be greater the more fat there is in the area to treat mobilizing and activating the metabolism of adipose cells, relaxes the tissue and facilitates the phlebolymphatic flow, easing the zone with cellulite and helping to reduce and /or model the body contours.


Nail varnish Spring&Summer 2013 (6-07-2013)


Nothing better to brighten up our hands or our feet with a little color.

We left the dark winter colors and we bring the bright colors, which offer us the spring.

If you want a sweet and feminine look, the pastel colors are the best choice, we also find metallic, crackled, textured, fluorine, etc ...

Find a color that suits the moment and get success; the manicure and pedicure also contribute much to the success of the look.


Feet in Summer (29-06-2013)


It's time to go with flip flops and sandals, then you have to pamper our poor feet, not to leave embarrassed.

They must always be hydrated, without calluses, nails short and clean, if possible with a good pedicure color that it suit us.

At night it is best to give a good massage with creams or oils, relaxes a lot and the skin  thanks it, do not forget that before we put on a very nice sandals we must take care of the feet.

Hair Care in Summer (22-06-2013)


Here are some tips in order that your hair is not damaged by the sun:

Cover hair full (with scarves, floppy hats, caps ...)
Do not take the sun with dirty hair.
Use products that incorporate the latest anti-solar technologies
You can wash your hair every day whenever you use hydro-repair shampoos and
compact masks .
Beware of irons and dryers: at this season, all that
input uncontrolled heat  and aggression is very damaging to the hair.
Do not shower or take the sun with hairpins, clips,
metalheadbands : they get rust and can affect to the hair.
Your hair should not have traces of lacquer, gel or foam, during sun exposure.
Take care of your hair after each exposure to the sun, applying yourself plenty of cold water before washing and in the last rinse.
To improve the appearance of your hair, feed your hairwith
 daily continuous brushed and finish with serum.


Summer Sun Protection (15-06-2013)


Throughout the year we must protect ourselves from the sun, not only to prevent but to prevent aging of the skin malignancies.
It does not work  the same sunscreen
for the whole family , each skin type, every situation and every age requires a special cream.
To choose a sunscreen must take into account a number of factors: whom is addressed-children or adults-in which area is going to be applied the sunscreen, what skin type-normal, dry, oily, acne-prone-or what skin type of the person who will use (this is determined by the characteristics of the pigmentation of the skin, eyes, hair, and the ability to tan.
Season (in summer sunlight comes with all his energy), plus the time of day (solar radiation intensity is maximal between 12 and 16 hours).
The altitude (the risk of burns increases with height, each 300 m increases by 4%).
Water, snow and sand reflect radiation causing them to add their effects to impact directly on the skin and the UVI (averaged estimate of the maximum solar ultraviolet B radiation on the surface of the earth at the time of noon).
The protection must be renewed every two hours.
But if you are older ones and are in the pool or the beach, playing, getting wet, you should renew more often.

Certainly we must avoid the midday hours. Between midnight and four in the afternoon sun exposure is not recommended directly. In addition, children should always wear a hat to cover the head.


The war against cellulite (8-06-2013)


The good weather is arriving together with the dresses, shorts, bikinis, then the battle begins every year: how to finish with the famous cellulite.

Every year the cosmetic brands and appliances are reinvented to bring to market a new product capable of finish with or at least reduce cellulite.

Women of all ages, weight, physical condition suffer it, nor the famous supermodels escape from this problem that affects 9 out of 10 women.

I comment some market news: criólisis, radio frecuency, carboxiterapia, plasma, creams with high content of Thiomucase, caffeine fosfatidilicona, etc...

Do not forget that there are no miracles, a balanced diet with plenty of fiber and low in fat, 2 liters of water daily, daily exercise (cardio) and the help of gadgets and creams are the key.


Vitamin C and the Skin


The vitamin C is source of energy and luminosity.


Exerts 4 key actions: antioxidant, regenerating, moisturizing and lighting up.

It's a great natural asset and an effective advance to prevent and correct the signs of skin aging.


Is essential for the production of collagen and elastin, because of stimulates the formation of specific amino acids present in these proteins.



This vitamin protects the DNA nucleus of the destructive action of the UVY rays and the best is that you can use it throughout the year.

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