SLATHER (29-11-2015)

With the arrival of winter our skin and hair they punished by the wind and low temperatures typical of the season.
Sometimes creams are not enough to nourish the skin and the hair and we need something stronger.
The big brands of beauty products always launch oils
to take care of ourselves ; they gain more and more followers for their ability to nourish and light touch.
And the best part is that many of them disappear quickly after application.
We will find them for the hair, skin, shower and even the face.
I love Biotherm anti-cellulite oil, which is ideal to care for the look of the skin while leaving us a super nice aroma.
In this
winter slather .



The best carefully selected active ingredients for quick action in the fiber are isolated in their purest and most concentrated for a transformation of the fiber unprecedented way.
Injections and concentrates together in the nucleus of a new system, a real cocktail tailored dedicated to personalized care Fusio-Dose.

A shot of beauty in the heart of the salon, for busy and demanding women, just need 5 minutes.
After performing a professional diagnosis of your hair, your hairdresser will offer you the Fusio-Dose ritual adapted to your needs and create a custom blend of a super concentrate, mixing active ingredients for personal care, designed to transform instantly and permanently your hair.




After many hours of sun, wind, chlorine and heat of dryers and irons, it is normal that our hair is slightly muffled and dull.
For perfect hair recovery after the summer, we can pamper our hair with the vast range of Kerastase products.
Either in its beauty centers or hairdressers, there are express rituals and shampoos, masks and ampoules to regain a healthy and beautiful hair.
My favorite rituals are the nutrition and strength, but there are various according to your needs.
Kerastase is definitely the best ally of the beautiful hair.


Latest model of this revolutionary body shaping equipment that meets five technologies in one device: cavitation, ultrasound HIFU, vacum rotary, bipolar and monopolar radiofrequency.
Finally, a technology capable of attacking the problems that most concern: cellulite, flaccidity and localized fat.
Visible results in body reduction from the first session.
By the ultrasonic cavitational volume reduction is achieved. The formation and implosion of micro bubbles that cause the fat globules are broken and can later be removed by the body, helping to eliminate fluids occurs.
Thanks to ultrasound HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) is able to eliminate localized fat, because fat cells are disintegrated without affecting adjacent tissues.
The Revolving Vacum help us fight against cellulite, can tighten the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis improving skin condition.
Radiofrequency can heat the deeper layers of the skin, enhancing tissue and achieving a reduction of sagging.


Until now we had to always wait a while after applying sunscreen to enter the water, but this is a thing of the past.
Shiseido strikes again with its new sunscreen product, it is WetForce Shiseido, the first sunscreen that promises to increase their effectiveness in contact with water and perspiration.
This revolutionary technology interacts with minerals in the water and sweat to create a water-repellent layer that fits perfectly to the skin and makes the SPF increase its effectiveness.
Our summers no longer be the same thanks to Wetforce.

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