E-book Confessions of a Personal Shopper



To whom has never happened to meet a friend with a beautiful dress and when we buy an identical model does not suit us? or when we go shopping and those clothes that we like so much do not favor us anything ...


Surely the guilt does not have the garments; we must know enough to know that it favors us and that we must avoid.


If our legs are too thin, surely the miniskirt will not be our ally.


Knowing if you are an apple or an hourglass, or if you are a little short it will avoid many annoyances and embarrassing situations when dressing.


This book will help you accentuate your strengths and disguise weaknesses; a 50 years old woman can be as elegant of a 30 years old girl.


Fashion is a wonderful tool to help us express ourselves and be beautiful, but we need to know how to adapt it to get the best of ourselves and not be a slave to trends...





1. 第1章



1.1 个人购物,能力和产出,以得到一份工作


1.2 身体形态。



1.3 衣柜的重要性



2 . 第2章


2.1 机构类型和比例


2.2 入住名单的身体比例


2.3 资源及营运系统


2.4 色彩的运用


2.5 什么风格的女人是你吗?


2.6 重要的设计师


2.7 字典时尚。



3. 第3章


3.1 时尚潮流和风格的历史


3.2 社会协议和时尚



4. 第4章


4.1 优雅和风格


4.2 基本服饰的著名人物


4.3 提示组织你的衣柜里



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